The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.Alfred Austin

How Does Your Garden Grow?

5 Books on Flower Gardening

Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy

Teri Dunn

Make rose growing simpler with commonsense, helpful tips and techniques.

Garden Colour

Sue Fisher

From annuals for containers to paint shades for fences, this practical and inspirational book is the ultimate guide to colour in your garden.

Designing Borders

Noel Kingsbury

Addresses the challenge of creating stunning borders with a balance of color, height and shape.

Discovering Annuals

Graham Rice

Offers a fresh approach and contemporary ideas to create a color-coordinated in thoughtful combinations.

Martha's Flowers: a Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying

Martha Stewart

Learn how and when to plant, nurture, and at the perfect time, cut from your garden. With lush blooms in hand, discover how to build stunning arrangements.

5 Books on Vegetable Gardening

How to Create a New Vegetable Garden: Producing a Beautiful and Fruitful Garden from Scratch

Charles Dowding

Full of no-nonsense and straightforward advice.  This title is the perfect starting point for the beginner or experienced gardener.

Grow Food for Free: the Sustainable, Zero-Cost, Low-Effort Way to a Bountiful Harvest

Huw Richards

Contains practical advice you need to start, grow, nurture, and harvest your own fruit and vegetables organically and at zero cost, even if you're new to gardening.

Grow Great Vegetables in New Jersey

Marie Iannotti

The ultimate guide to growing food in the Garden State!

Grow What you Love: 12 Food Plant Families to Change Your Life

Emily Murphy

A simple guide to growing vegetables, herbs and more that will add to the flavor and variety of fresh produce choices throughout the year.

New Vegetable Garden Techniques: Essential Skills and Projects for Tastier, Healthier Crops

Joyce Russell

This book makes several promises to its readers. Firstly, by following its advice you will grow great fruit and vegetables. Next, the knowledge you gain will save you time as well as money. Third, you'll enjoy the gardening journey and the discoveries made along the way. Fourth, you'll find greener and cleaner ways of doing things, and you'll improve your skills, methods and habits.

4 the Kids!!

Green Thumbs: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Laurie Carlson

Budding gardeners learn what it takes to make things grow.

The Best-Ever Step-by-Step Kid's First Gardening: Fantastic Gardening Ideas for 5-12 Year-Olds, from Growing Fruit and Vegetables and Fun with Flowers to Wildlife Gardening and Outdoor Crafts

Jenny Hendy

This book has it all! Lots of basic information and ideas.

Kids Container Gardening

Cincy Krezel

Year-round projects for inside and out.

Super Simple Butterfly Gardens: a Kid's Guide to Gardening

Alex Kuskowski

Kids will be able to plant in their backyard, pick plants butterflies love, make a drinking fountain for butterflies and more.

Some GREAT Gardening Websites

  • Better Homes and Gardens
    Loaded with articles, slideshows and tools for both beginners and advanced gardeners. An extremely comprehensive guide on where to start and where to plant.

  • Gardening Know How
    Packed with how-to guides and videos to help you if you’re a beginner or advanced gardener. You can even create a personalized magazine, track your garden progress and set reminders with the GKH Gardening Companion app for your iPhone or Android. Very cool!

  • Martha Stewart
    A wealth of gardening information from Martha and her team. They have put together a robust collection of techniques, tips and tricks to help your garden flourish.

  • Smart Gardener
    One of the most comprehensive tools to help you plan, grow and harvest your own food. There’s even an interactive garden planner that helps you drag and drop different beds, plants and layouts based on your garden dimensions.

  • You Grow Girl
    A blog with a contemporary, laid-back approach to organic gardening. It places equal importance on environmentalism, style, affordability, art, and humor.

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