Cure the Clutter! 

9 Daily Must-Do’s to Stay Organized Forever

Simple Organizing Wisdom: 500+ Quick & Easy Clutter Cures  (see below)

  1. Write out a to-do list

  2. Make the bed

  3. Tend to clothing as soon as you take it off

  4. Deal with the dishes

  5. Wipe down surfaces

  6. Sort through the mail

  7. Always put keys in the same spot

  8. Empty pockets and bags at day’s end

  9. Plan for tomorrow

Check Out These Resources to Help You Get and Stay Organized!

Making Space, Clutter Free : the Last Book on Decluttering You'll Ever Need

Tracy McCubbin

The author explains what she calls the "7 Emotional Clutter Blocks," unconscious obstacles that stand between you and financial freedom, healthy relationships, and positive outlooks. She then offers a realistic approach to managing your belongings, and helps you create an individual strategy that helps you attain your life goals.

1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization : the Ultimate Sourcebook for Storage Ideas and Materials

Joe Provey

A comprehensive resource for professional organizers, homeowners, and designers looking for ways to organize and get more storage and functional space in the kitchen.

Simply Clean : the Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Becky Rapinchuk

No matter how big your home or busy your schedule, the author believes that in just ten minutes a day you can keep your house clean and decluttered. She shares her system to turn cleaning from a chore into an effortless habit, and also shares recipes for organic, environmentally conscious cleaning supplies.

Simple Organizing Wisdom: 500+ Quick & Easy Clutter Cures

This exciting new book covers everything from how to "Conquer Cookware Clutter" to "Ingenious Ways to Master Bedroom Mess" to "3 Sneaky Ways to Gain More Storage" and much more!

Martha Stewart's Organizing : the Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routines

Martha Stewart

How to organize everything, from America's most trusted lifestyle authority with hundreds of ideas, projects, and tips.

All books are available at the Randolph Library!


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