Best Places to Watch FREE Movies & TV Online

Six FREE Websites

Classic Cinema Online

Hundreds of full-length movies available. Most of the movies that you will find are public domain films from the 1940s. However, you can also watch a selection of movies from the 1960s and 1970s, including westerns and family films.  


Video entertainment network featuring full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming.


Streaming anime, manga and dorama.


The official website for the CW channel. It includes on-demand access to the current lineup of CW shows. While the site typically includes the latest five episodes of TV shows, full seasons of several older programs are available.

Free Movies Cinema

Includes a selection of content that is handpicked from a variety of sources. It claims to offer full-length Hollywood movies but most of the content on the site is independently produced films. You will find a mixture of low-budget and fan-made films along with trailers and reviews of popular films.


Watch some current and popular shows for free.

Six More FREE Websites

Open Culture

A multimedia with a little over 1,000 films.  Has a large selection of Korean films and classic Russian films. You will also find classic Hollywood movies, silent films, westerns, and old film noir suspense movies.  This site has many other multimedia and online course options.  

Pluto TV

A popular video streaming site with a wealth of content. It works a little differently than the other video streaming sites. Instead of selecting a television show or movie to watch, you browse over a hundred channels. You will find a mixture of original content, broadcast network television shows, documentaries, independent films, web series, news, and more.


Most of the content that was originally available on the site was independently produced. They also offered a lot of web series. However, they have begun adding quality Hollywood films from a variety of genres. These A-list films are ad-supported, which means that you need to watch advertisements to view a full-length movie.  They also streams television shows, including old cartoon shows and a small selection of British shows.

Top Documentary Films

Showcases documentary films covering a wide range of genres. You can find documentaries on sports, society, technology, science, religion, and more.

Tubi TV

Most of the latest movies are action films from major Hollywood studios. However, you can also find hundreds of quality titles in other genres, including comedy and drama.  Also, tv shows are available.

Western Mania

If you love classic Western movies, you really can’t go past this site. All of the movies here are legal and free. Just stream whatever you want from a modest catalog of legally available Western movies.

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